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Welcome to I Have a “Nose” 2!  First, the origin of the name……… it comes from hearing the use of this blunt comeback on more than one occasion “Opinions are like a?%*#les, everybody’s got one”!  I understood the sentiment, but not the delivery, so I swapped in “nose(s)”; someone’s ears are going to more likely stay open if the lead-in is “nose(s)” instead of    “a?%*#les”.

The other question is “Why do this?”  I have constantly had my own opinions about personal, local, regional, national, international, “fluff” (t.v., movies, info-tainment, “reality”, etc.); while some have been biased or knee-jerk reactions, most have been fairly level-headed and reasonable, as noted by the agreeable feedback I’d get when one of my “noses” would occasionally come out.  I was constantly reminding myself to write it down, possibly in a letter to the editor or personal notebook, but then I’d procrastinate until the thought was no longer as clear and/or relevant.  I’ve tried posting online “comments” but, while others would be two or three lines, mine would be a very relevant paragraph.  I finally decided that instead of fitting my great dane-sized remarks amongst chihuahuas, I should creat a space where those “great danes”, “german sheperds” , “spaniels”, and even just a “chihuahua” or “pomeranian” could be released in their own space; they’d serve the dual purpose of getting out of my system and be in a spot where others could observe and react (or not).

There you have it….the beginning.  I’ll start posting more as this site develops………..see ya!

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